Project Zomboid Server Commands

Project Zomboid is an open world survival horror experience that you can play alone or with friends.
Nov 30, 2022 8:15 PM

Having access to your own dedicated Project Zomboid server opens up many possibilities for playing, managing, and sharing your experiences in the game. 

Whether you’re playing with your friends or hosting a world filled with strangers, there are quite a number of things that Hostari’s dedicated server service will allow you to do. 

What is a Project Zomboid server?

A Project Zomboid server is a private world that is hosted by a service such as Hostari, allowing people to continue playing even when the host is not online. 

Server commands 

There are many server commands that you can activate during your game and they are relatively straightforward to implement. If you do encounter issues, Hostari provides 24/7 support for its instant set up, high speed servers. 

Once your server is activated, you can enter the following commands into the in-game chat by pressing T, typing the command and then pressing enter. 

Here is the list of commands and what they do. 

General commands

  • /additem - gives items to players
  • /addvehicle - spawn a vehicle
  • /addxp - gives experience points to a player
  • /alarm - sound a building alarm if inside a room
  • /changeoption - changes server options
  • /chopper - spawn a helicopter event on a random player
  • /changepwd - changes player password
  • /createhorde - spawns a horde 
  • /godmode - activates player invincibility
  • /gunshot - plays a gunshot sound near the player
  • /help - opens help menu
  • /invisibile - activates player invisibility
  • /noclip - allows the player to move through solid objects
  • /quit - saves and exits the server
  • /releasesafehouse - releases an owned safehouse
  • /reloadoptions - reloads server options 
  • /replay - records a replay
  • /save - saves the world file
  • /sendpulse - shows server performance
  • /showoptions - shows server options
  • /startrain & /stoprain - starts or stops rain weather effect
  • /teleport - teleports to a player
  • /teleportto - teleports to specified coordinates 

Moderation commands

  • /addalltowhitelist - adds current players to whitelist
  • /adduser - adds a new user to the whitelist
  • /banid or /unbanid - bans or unbans a Steam ID
  • /grantadmin or /removeadmin - provides or removes admin rights to a player
  • /kickuser - remove a user from the server
  • /players - shows a list of connected players
  • /servermsg - send a message to all players
  • /setaccesslevel - change player permissions
  • /voiceban - ban a player from using voice chat


There are many server commands that you can activate in Project Zomboid that allow you to control the gameplay scenarios and manage connected players. It is vital to know these server commands to maintain the world especially with Hostari's dedicated servers where up to 16 players can join and play the game. You're missing out if you don't have a dedicated Project Zomboid yet. Sign up here for free and set up your server now!